Letters to The Editor: November 24-30, 2022


The Editor:

Once again (for the third time in nine years?), the city of Blaine is engaging a consultant to “revitalize” downtown Blaine. This time at a huge expense – $620,000!

Absolutely nothing came from the last consultants’ reports except Blaine should be investing in more parks, street upgrades etc. In the November 17 issue of The Northern Light, the revitalization consists of benches, bike racks, landscaping and ADA compliance. $2.83 million? You must be joking. I consider this to be an abhorrent misuse of my tax dollars.

If Blaine has $620,000 to blow on a “consultant,” why not spend that money on benches, bike racks, landscaping and ADA compliance? I appeal to Blaine residents to contact the city council and show objection to spending that money, or if they believe the expense will actually enhance Blaine, show support. The city council needs to know where we stand on this type of expense.

Greg Wendt



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