Letters to the Editor: November 6–12, 2014


The Editor:

On September 25 the Blaine Elementary School PTO held its 18th annual walk-a-thon. The kids had so much fun walking and running! Our local Little Caesars was very gracious and arranged for the Little Caesars Man to come and walk with our kids and keep them excited throughout the event.

Altogether, kids walked over 4,000 laps, or over 1,300 miles,  on our high school track. We were able to raise $11,364. This allows us to give teacher grants and reimbursements, scholarships, field trips, supplies, events and other activities.

We want to give a huge thank you to Little Caesars for donating breadstick gift certificates for each student and

arranging for the Little Caesars Man keep our kids excited during the walk-a-thon, and to our wonderful students, parents and volunteers for making this event a success.

Without your help we wouldn’t be able to do the things we can do to help our school. Thank you!

Shawna Abshere, on behalf of Blaine Elementary School PTO


The Editor:

By the time this letter appears in print, the issue of Blaine vs. Blaine Harbor will have been decided. But for the sake of clarification I would like to respond to Angie Dixon’s complaint about my letter to the editor of October 23.

Perhaps a more careful reading of my letter would have elicited a less reactionary and self-promoting response. I specifically referred to those who voted against this same measure 14 years ago and questioned what positive changes in the downtown had come to fruition since that last vote.

As I see it, this measure was proposed as a hopeful aid to stimulate economic interest in our town. Whether this measure passes or not, it will be interesting to see if all the energy mustered in these opposing views will be redirected toward the betterment of our city. Or will we be looking at the same empty downtown 14 years from now?

Christy Smith


The Editor:

It’s not very often the local emergency responders get recognition for the work they do and the amount of training required for their profession. We are very fortunate to live in a community that provides and supports professionals in this field.

Several weeks ago we had an emergency at our home and the Blaine paramedic unit from Fire Station 61 responded to our 911 call. They arrived within a few minutes, evaluated my wife’s condition and began preparing her for transport to PeaceHealth St. Joseph hospital. My wife had fallen and injured her spine. During the time they were working on her it was evident the team was well trained and very efficient. They also appeared to enjoy their work.

Both my wife and I want to extend our thanks to Chris, Adam and Gina for being there for us and others in our community.

Jerry and Meva Janeway


The Editor:

On Thursday, December 11, and Tuesday, December 16 at 7 p.m. the Blaine schools music department will hold their annual Blaine community holiday concerts. These two performance nights have become a tradition over the years and will feature Blaine High School groups on Thursday, and Blaine Middle School groups on Tuesday.

Along with the school groups there are three openings each concert for community musicians, vocal groups, worship teams, dance groups, etc. to perform holiday theme music.

If you or your group would like to be part of these holiday performances please contact Andy Harmening at 332-8226, ext. 1223 or email aharmening@blainesd.org. Be sure to leave a message with your name, the titles of your songs, the director’s name if it is a group, the group’s name, day and time of call, a return phone number and which night you would prefer to perform.

The openings and preference of nights will be on a first come, first serve basis so please hurry and get you name on the list. The Blaine Fine Arts Association will collect a donation of food for the Blaine Food Bank at the door.

Andy Harmening


The Editor:

Here is one thing I am worried about: The environmental terrorists who are at loose in our midst. Let’s look at the people who are opposed to the new coal shipping point in Whatcom County. Most of those opposed already have good jobs or are retired with good pensions. They don’t want anyone else to have good jobs.

I bet that they are either college students, teachers or environmentalists. Environmentalists are the people who ruined the Northwest economy with their claim of the spotted owl. What a farce.

Let’s look at nuclear power. What emissions does it produce? Wow, steam; H20, which is the water you drink. What is the second cheapest power created? Nuclear power. How many people have died from nuclear power in the United States? Zero. Even with Three Mile Island included.

Washington state would be an income-producing state if Dixy Lee Ray’s vision of nuclear power had been followed. Nuclear waste is a problem, but France has ways of handling the waste. Could we if economics made it possible? Yes, if we follow the democratic way, which would make it economic.

Bruce Kay

Birch Bay


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