Letters to the Editor: October 20-26, 2022


Editor’s note: The Northern Light does not publish political support letters a week before an election. Next week’s issue will be the last to have such letters published before the November 8 election.

The Editor:

I would like to thank the good Samaritans who helped my husband Jim on Wednesday, September 21 around 5:30 a.m. Jim was involved in a major car wreck on the way to the airport at the intersection of Kickerville and Bay roads. Both cars were totaled. Jim’s car ended up sideways in the ditch and the other car flew into the field. Jim only has vague memories of getting out of the car. He heard several voices asking, “Is anyone in there?” and “We need to get you out,” as the car was smoking.

He does not remember if he went out the door or out the sunroof. He does remember someone cutting the seatbelt, hands lifting him out and climbing on someone’s shoulder who helped him to safety. He also remembers people going back in the car to search for his glasses and cellphone.

All of this happened before the police and firefighters arrived at the scene. I am thankful that I live in a community with people who do not hesitate to rush to another person’s aid. Again, thank you so much. With warm wishes to all,

Pauline Nefcy



The Editor:

This election cycle’s Voter’s Pamphlet has hit most of our mailboxes. Like many others, I welcome the information contained therein, particularly from candidates on the ballot that are running for positions in our district.

Of particular note to me was the information submitted by Simon Sefzik. His position as senator is a result of the unfortunate passing of Doug Ericksen. Allowing him to continue in the same capacity would be equally tragic in this writer’s opinion.

This 22-year-old is a graduate of Patrick Henry College in Virginia, an institution that lists its enrollment as 304. To quote from their website: “The Mission of Patrick Henry College is to prepare Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding.”

Is anyone else here aware of the founding fathers’ resolve to separate church and state? Do the women voters in this district anticipate, as many of us do, how the indoctrination of an education such as Mr. Sefzik’s will affect women’s health and reproductive choices should he be given a voice in such matters?

I strongly urge those who support the rights of women and who reject the notion that Christianity should be intertwined with how we are governed to reject Mr. Sefzik at the polls.

John M. Horgdal

Birch Bay


The Editor:

Sefzik has signs by the hundreds, and perhaps thousands, on virtually every road in Whatcom County. Sefzik has the signs but Sharon Shewmake has the knowledge and experience that Sefzik lacks to be an effective senator for the 42nd Legislative District. Sefzik, according to The Seattle Times (10/17/22), interned in the Trump White House. If you are following the national news, you know why this is not a good time to put Trump-aligned candidates into state legislatures. Please vote for Sharon Shewmake.

Pat Anderson



The Editor:

By now you must have seen or heard stories from Blaine and Birch Bay residents to the effect that postal service has suffered badly in recent months. Well, this past week my issue of The Northern Light paper never showed up (first time in 10 or so years); and while my next-door neighbor received her voter information packet, I did not. No mail today for either of us as I write this note, around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

To me it doesn’t make any difference whether this failure is caused by staffing shortages, or by other systemic flaws introduced deliberately by our self-dealing idiot of a postmaster general, Louis DeJoy. Those letters, papers and packages must have gone somewhere. I wonder what our secretary of state, Mr. Steve Hobbs, would think about election materials going missing? I wonder what your advertisers would think if they discovered that your circulation is not what it seems to be.

I’m writing this because I respect our postal workers (who are taking heat through no fault of their own), but also because I worry that this critical system seems to be broken, and sooner or later we’ll all come to regret allowing that to happen.

Brian Bell

Birch Bay


The Editor:

In response to all the letters to the editor over the past two months from the stalwart and courageous citizens of Bellingham, who continue every week to remind us, the ordinary and humble peoples of Blaine, how to make the right choice at the ballot box in November; thank you.

As I prepared to write this note, it dawned on me that we owe thanks for so much more than just helping us to know what the correct answer is, you also ensured we understand why.

Thank you for helping us to understand which lives matter most, appropriately acknowledge whose land we occupy, better and more compassionately understand what a woman is, know when, why, and how to wear masks, and which views are acceptable to protest.

You also taught us who to #Believe, who to #Resist, dutifully informed us when the science had changed, educated us on the need to improve the not inclusive enough pride flag, and stressed the moral imperative to defund the police. The stakes for our democracy have never been higher. Blaine desperately seeks, and is appreciative of, your wisdom and leadership. Again, thank you.

Frank J. Parenti

Birch Bay


The Editor:

In the past few weeks there have been letters to the editor in The Northern Light that were offensive to many. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but generally stating that MAGA people should be feared, to me, is unnecessary and creates a feeling of mistrust.

Republicans want fiscal responsibility. Many are concerned that the Democratic party is leading us into a recession. Food, gas, childcare, housing and heating expenses will likely rise as winter approaches. Local and federal governments should show restraint when taking from the productivity of its citizens.

Republicans want law and order. Crime rates are rising, and the Democratic party has limited the ability for police protection and pursuit in Washington state. Republicans are concerned that the lack of respect and appreciation for our brave police force is fostering chaos. The summer of 2020 is a reminder of the defund police movement, which has made our lives less safe.

Republicans believe that education should focus on academics rather than perceived social justice issues. Leave the latter up to the parents. We pay tax dollars expecting quality schools and deserve transparency. 

A letter writer stated in the October 13-19 issue of The Northern Light, “MAGA Republicans create mass hysteria vilifying immigrants.” That is a false statement. Republicans want legal immigration. My daughter-in-law is a South American legal immigrant. She is now a teacher. We are proud of her accomplishments. She loves the United States and feels the existing situation at the southern border is a disaster.    

If you want leaders who will represent the people of the state of Washington in Olympia and Washington, D.C., vote for Simon Sefzik, Tawsha Dykstra Thompson, Dan Johnson, Dan Matthews and Tiffany Smiley as they will contribute to effecting the desired and necessary changes for the people of Washington state.

Susan Werner


Editor's note: The below letters were not included in the print issue and were held for online.

The Editor:

I am a proud resident of Whatcom County. My husband and I are raising two sons here, we work here and are active in this community. This is the first “letter to the editor” I’ve written. In fact, I don’t always pay a lot of attention to politics in general.

Whatcom County is not the beautiful place to live that it once was. Hard drugs are openly used and sold on the streets, homelessness everywhere, human feces on the sidewalks, increases in crime, increases in taxes, and an impossible to maintain cost of living. We can’t go on like this, what will our kids face in the future?

I have known Dan Johnson since the third grade. I was excited when I heard that Dan was willing to run to represent us in the Washington State House of Representatives. I know Dan. He’s kind, hardworking, fair and honest. He is rational and calm, and someone able to see the “big picture.” He’s a problem solver and leads with common sense. I know he will work hard to represent us all.

I was disgusted to see a “journalist” for a large local publication use their position to campaign for Dan’s Democratic challenger. The articles published by this individual were slanderous and opinion pieces with a clear objective to swing favor to Dan’s democratic challenger. It’s incredibly frustrating that a journalist can use their own biased vendetta to attack a candidate on such a public platform. This representation is in no way who Dan is. Dan is a guy who constantly puts his community first, a loud champion for the underdog and public safety. You can look to his work on “Hailey’s Law” for a clear representation of this.

I’m asking you to join me in casting your vote for Dan Johnson.

Sara Spreckelmeyer


The Editor:

As the grandmother of five, I have seen the amount of work it takes to find and afford high quality day care and preschool opportunities for my daughters’ young children. It has been eye-opening to learn how difficult it is to find and secure spaces. Too often the search requires inside connections that many working families lack, often perpetuating uneven, unfair access for those who are not “in the know.”

Recognizing the enormous impact that these early educational experiences have on brain development, I am very encouraged to see our local health care professionals, educators, citizens, business and public leaders come together to design and propose Proposition 5.

An investment in the education of our youngest is truly the smartest collective action we can take as a community to promote brighter outcomes for all children in Whatcom County.

I am voting “yes” for Proposition 5, The Children’s Initiative, and urge our community to join me.

Cathy Fairbanks


The Editor:

Shortly, you will receive your ballot in the mail. Now is time to research candidates yourself and not be misled by the avalanche of flyers and advertisements. We, the people, should decide on these issues, not the corporations that are pouring money into this election.

In the 42nd Legislative District, we have a strong, caring slate of candidates.

Sharon Shewmake, the only economist, in either house, brings a wealth of understanding based on science and data. She will approach the dual challenges of inflation and climate crisis with reason. She supports lowering taxes on working people by making the wealthy pay their fair share. She has the education, life experience, and wisdom of a wife and mother that her opponent lacks.

Alicia Rule has a strong record of bipartisanship in the Legislature. As a small business owner herself, she understands the challenges of running a business. As a counselor, social worker and parent, she supported legislation increasing counselors and establishing outdoor education in our schools. Locally she is working to restart Intalco, protecting jobs in our county while seeking other creative ways to protect our environment.

Joe Timmons is well prepared with a master’s degree and 10 years of experience in public service. A young father and renter in Whatcom County, he understands the economic stresses put on young families. He pledges to prioritize affordable housing, living wage jobs, high quality education opportunities and equitable internet access for all.

All three of these candidates support a woman’s choice to manage her own healthcare decisions freely without government intervention. The decisions you make could not be more critical. Please vote.

Nancy K. Sheng


The Editor:

We talk so much about "new normals." Are heat waves, wildfire smoke and flooding really locked in as some of them? Climate change is real, man-made and worth addressing, and everyone needs to be included in our transition to a green economy. During her time in the state house, representative Sharon Shewmake has been the climate champion we need, sponsoring bills and supporting policy that is good for our environment and for people. This past session, Sharon wrote and championed a bill, House Bill 1988, that will create more green jobs and develop new technology by providing eligible companies with tax deferrals. She also wrote and passed House Bill 1814, allowing everyone to benefit from solar power through “community solar” projects, not just the wealthy. Sharon has always been a climate advocate; her first bill to receive a vote required utilities to break down their electricity mix on bills so consumers know where their power is coming from.

I'm in my mid-20s. On most days, the climate crisis seems overwhelming, but it gives me hope to know that we have someone in the legislature who advocates for practical, economic solutions. Sharon Shewmake has my vote.

Cole Harvey



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