An ageless senior center ...


As we slowly transition from summer into fall, so does the focus in our activities. As we shift from the garden or the enjoyment of our local shores, we look for things to do. Often this shift in our focus turns us toward our community and all the happenings within Blaine and its surrounding area.

This fall, the Blaine Senior Center will continue its quest to become a dynamic community partner. With extended hours and a mantra of kindness, the center focuses on offering presentations, classes, live music, workshops, art activities, events and more. Yes, we are still a senior center … but our focus has shifted.

The idea is to become a hub in this community. What does this mean? We need the Blaine area to embrace us as a community center – and to understand seniors need intergenerational activities and our community needs the many amazing facets our seniors offer. Within our beautiful center, we have space and resources to offer an amazing place to learn, play, grow and embrace our neighbors. This is a place for fun.

So if you believe you are not old enough for a senior center, please come visit anyway. Join us for a live music night (Elvis is coming). Join us for an evening class or workshop such as open art night. Learn of our new partnerships with the Blaine Arts Council, Pacific Arts Association, and CORE (Blaine Community Orchards for Resources and Education) offering dozens of workshops. Educate yourself in estate planning, health seminars and more. 

Join us for monthly “Big Bucks Bingo” and show your competitive spirit. Play music on our beautiful stage. All at the senior center. All for our community

Now, if you are over the youthful age of 50, join us as a member. Tai chi, a full gym, exercise classes, and lots of fun activities. An acrylics or watercolor course can rejuvenate your soul. An afternoon of music and/or line dancing can make you want to dance. A writing, memoir, computer or communications class can help you grow and adapt in our ever-changing world. 

Finally, your presence as a community volunteer – whether you are young, medium or old – offers the ability to give back with gratitude. Our center needs activity and life. Your skills and efforts nourish others and offer a great means to be active and give back. We are always looking for volunteers and instructors to help us elevate our game. If you are a community business, we have sponsorship opportunities for your business to establish a community marketing strategy and serve those who support you.

Life is full. The Blaine senior community center is a place where every member and patron makes a difference. Thank you for making this community so special. Visit for more information.

Pete Nelson is the executive director of the Blaine Senior Center and Community Complex.


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