Blaine musician to release 5 albums in 2021


Blaine musician Gina Williams is back and bolder than ever, with a commitment to release five new albums before the end of 2021.

The five self-produced albums feature everything from classical to Caribbean music. “Take All of Me” is a gospel album slated to be released July 30; “Touch Down” is a Caribbean pop album expected August 27; “We Need To Love” is an electronic album expected September 24; and “Toxic Love” is a rock album set for an October 29 release. Williams’ classical album, “The Trilogy Part II” was released late June.

“I thought I would lead by example,” Williams said. “Last year I had an epiphany. I realized I’ve been doing everything the way I’ve been told and it suddenly occurred to me I’d be confusing people. I’m done with being cliché. I’m not a cliché girl.”

Williams holds a master’s degree in concert piano from the University of Alberta and has performed all over the world. Williams said she recorded some parts of the albums in Washington state, Ukraine and Vancouver. 

Music naturally comes to Williams, who will immediately start writing down what she hears in her head to create melodies that relate to what she’s experienced in her life, from a bad relationship to a relaxing beach day.

“It keeps my brain activated,” Williams said of working on five albums simultaneously. “It’s like being an actor and taking on different roles or walking in someone’s shoes for a while. It feels good.”

Each album has 10 songs, except for the classical album “The Trilogy Part II,” which features 21 tracks.

While no future concerts are set yet, Williams said she wants her music to bridge gaps between people who normally don’t listen to music together.

“I want people to know they’re not alone and these albums are something I think they’ll appreciate,” she said. “I’ve been through so much. I feel like I’ve lived so many different people’s lives and I think my music will be a sense of encouragement.”

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