Blaine Police Department Reports: November 10-16, 2022


Oct. 28, 7:25 a.m.: Hit and run unattended vehicle on Marine Drive.

Oct. 28, 12:59 p.m.: Abandoned vehicle on Bayview Avenue.

Oct. 29, 1:12 a.m.: Suspicious circumstance on A Street.

Oct. 29, 2:07 a.m.: Suspicious circumstances on H Street.

Oct. 29, 2:28 p.m.: Trespass authorization letter on Sea Mist Lane.

Oct. 29, 4:36 p.m.: Domestic dispute on 8th Street.

Oct. 29, 6:17 p.m.: Violation of court order on Rene Court.

Oct. 30, 10:52 a.m.: Fraud investigation on Goldeneye Lane.

Oct. 31, 12:45 a.m.: Traffic stop on H Street.

Nov. 1, 3:03 p.m.: Trespass on Peace Portal Drive.

Nov. 2, 1:07 p.m.: Suspicious circumstance on A Street.

Nov. 2, 11:53 a.m.: Telephone harassment on Gleneagle Drive.

Nov. 3, 4:07 p.m.: Auto collision on H Street.


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