Firework safety from the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office


Many families look forward to celebrating the Fourth of July. Due to the dangers of fireworks, we urge you to celebrate safely this holiday.

In 2023, fire incidents from fireworks resulted in more than $12 million of property damage in Washington state. Children under 15 made up 22.7 percent of reported fireworks injuries.

When possible, it is best to choose to view fireworks at a public display. If you do set off fireworks at home, please follow these suggestions to stay safe:

• Only use legal fireworks

• Have a bucket or hose nearby

• Supervise children

• Get rid of defective fireworks properly

• If you have a defective firework, soak in water overnight, drain off water, tie it up in a garbage bag, and throw it in the trash

• Do not consume alcohol while using fireworks

• Safely dispose of fireworks by soaking them in water after use

• Keep fireworks and sparklers away from your body. Sparklers can reach temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees.

For more information, contact the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office at 360/596-3904.

Courtesy of the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office


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