Letters to the Editor - April


The Editor:

Is there a possibility for a sewer system in Point Roberts?

In 1997, Sumas, Washington entered a contract with Abbotsford, B.C. and the Fraser Valley Regional District to have their sewage waste processed at their JAMES wastewater treatment plant.

This agreement has endured for 27 years. Whatcom County and Washington state should pursue the negotiation of such an arrangement for Point Roberts.

Such an arrangement would require a contract with Delta and the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District. It makes sense environmentally as well as being much more cost effective than attempting to build such a facility in Point Roberts. Further, it would bring Point Roberts in compliance with our own urban density buildout.

The state requires that urban areas have a sewer system.

Currently, our local septic pumping and disposal operator has a contract with the Greater Vancouver Regional District and transports our septic waste by tanker truck to the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Annacis Island treatment plant for processing. So, our waste already goes to B.C. for processing.

We could phase in our connections over time with our densest residential areas connecting first.

Point Roberts will be required by the federal government and/or the Washington state government in the not-too-distant future to have a sewer system. We have an opportunity now to anticipate and manage that process.

Brian Calder

Point Roberts

The Editor:

Thank you. Saffron and I would like to thank everyone, our families, friends and the community 

from the bottom of our hearts for their kind words, love and compassion during this very, very difficult time.

This has been such a shock for all of us who knew Barry. Saffron and I were so fortunate to have Barry in our lives and I’m so grateful that the community of Point Roberts was able to know him and experience his kind, genuine and giving nature.

The amount of support that everyone has shown has truly exceeded anything I’ve seen and is a testament to how much everyone loved Barry; what an amazing community we have. I will do my best to thank every one of you as I see you in the days to come.

Barry was such a wonderful partner and amazing stepfather to Saffron and he loved both of us unconditionally.

Thank you to everyone for making Bare’s Celebration of Life such a memorable occasion. Bare will truly be missed forever. 


Dina and Saffy

Point Roberts


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