Letters to The Editor: September 15-21, 2022


The Editor:

American politics have been increasingly volatile over recent years with economic and various other forms systemic inequalities, the culprit moving our nation into only darker times ahead for most everybody, continue to be routinely mismanaged, neglected, minimized and even made invisible by most politicians once in office. The many problems only reflect the symptoms of the larger structural issues in dire need of significant reforms.

Many voters are understandably jaded by their everyday realities that do not match up to the many repeated promises made by the elected officials representing both sides of the isle. 

Washington state and Whatcom County are in need of an all-encompassing honest experienced representative who is actively in tune and engaged with the concerns of our residents. Somebody who has the ability, knowledge and experience to produce practical solutions that generate the most effective outcomes with the broadest reaches possible.

As an Independent-leaning voter, I found Sharon Shewmake as the indisputable choice for the state Senate Legislative District 42 seat. Few politicians are all-inclusive and committed to serving all people who share our communities regardless of party affiliation or other group related attributes – including those who are most vulnerable and powerless, yet the least voiceless – those do not vote for many reasons, as with lower-income and homeless communities.

Her credentials and experience speak for itself. An important example is with “The Way Station” that everybody in our community can, and should, appreciate. Innovative projects as these demonstrate how several pressing issues can be addressed with a common front. In this case, tending to the most vulnerable while bringing relief to hospital professionals. 

I encourage everybody, regardless of party affiliation or identification, to learn about Sharon Shewmake for yourselves, and invest your vote with her. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Athena R. Griffith


The Editor:

The qualities that make a good professor are the same I want to see in my elected officials.

Putting the needs of students first, taking action for underrepresented groups, and a passion for excellent teaching and research are all things I have witnessed from Sharon Shewmake as an economics professor. 

As a state representative, Sharon has shown she cares deeply about making sure all voices are heard in the state legislature and has supported bills addressing childcare, dairy farmers, transportation and climate change. Sharon is idealistic, but pragmatic. She is data driven, but cares about the people behind the numbers. As a colleague and concerned citizen, I trust her insight into many issues knowing that her policy decisions are grounded in evidence-based science.

Sharon Shewmake shines a light on the needs of others and takes action. I have been extremely impressed by her ability to encourage both students and constituents to help shape their community through civic participation. She is a great champion of both her students and constituents’ success, and I believe we would be fortunate to have her serve as state senator.

Adam C. Wright



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