Scientists eradicate the third Asian giant hornet nest in east Blaine


Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) eradicated the third Asian giant hornet nest in the U.S. during the early morning of September 11. This comes as a fourth nest has been discovered in east Blaine and entomologists are planning for another eradication, according to the state agency.

The nest eradicated September 11 had four combs, but WSDA has not yet released the number of hornets found in the nest. For comparison, the first nest eradicated August 25, 2021 had nine combs and the nest eradicated in October 2020 had six combs.

On September 9, scientists located the nest in an east Blaine alder tree after tracking a live hornet with a radio tag.

More information on the two nests will be available in the upcoming week, WSDA wrote on its Facebook page.

Scientists discovered the invasive, apex predators in the U.S. during fall 2019. All four nests discovered in the U.S. have been located in east Blaine. The orange-and-black hornets measure up to 2 inches and have almond-shaped eyes.

To report a suspected Asian giant hornet detection, visit, email or call 800/443-6684.


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