Letters to The Editor: February 29-March 6, 2024


The Editor:

I got up last Thursday morning and went outside in our backyard for our morning coffee.

All of a sudden I heard a “meow meow.” Where was that sound coming from? I looked up and there was a beautiful black-and-white cat on top of the tree.

What am I going to do now? I certainly can’t climb that tree. I kept hearing, “meow meow.” Being an animal lover, it broke my heart just to hear that desperate sound. I was afraid of an eagle coming over and getting that sweet cat.

“What am I going to do?” I asked myself again. I called North Whatcom Fire and Rescue on Odell Road. The nicest people. I told them about my situation and in no time here come the three nicest gentlemen. Kind, helpful and understanding. Those three nice men know who they are. They put the ladder up and the cat got out of the tree safe and ran back home.

This is what I would like to say:

Thank you. You are the best.

Jocelyne Harsch



The Editor:

Although we are only part-time residents, we are happy to again support The Northern Light and glad that there is a local newspaper that we can read online to see what’s happening in our favorite little getaway place.

It really keeps us in touch with the community and we appreciate having this informative newspaper available.

Victoria and John Kros



The Editor:

On Valentine’s Day, the Seattle Times ran Michelle Goldberg’s article on the editorial page explaining the importance of Biden’s governing ability over his age and lack of a fierce, loud and often offensive campaigning style. I thought of President Eisenhower, who campaigned with speeches from the back of trains, but knew leadership and integrity and chose a functional cabinet from leaders in important industries. He understood that running a government is a team effort and that all cabinet members support each other with suggestions and ideas that support the nation. Presidents have historically had a support group that helps make governing operation decisions for the benefit of our people and industrial growth.

On the same editorial page, Marilyn Brody wrote about the “horrific” attack on our democracy should we elect the wrong person. What continued degradation of our world leadership would happen should we elect a person with dictatorial designs who would install a cabinet of “yes” men and women with no checks and balances from other cabinet members? Diversity makes strength, particularly under good leadership.

So much for “we need a fine businessman instead of a politician.” We need a democracy loving leader who cares about all people in America and America’s future to the seventh generation.

Donna Starr



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