Letters to The Editor: January 25-31, 2024


The Editor:

Your “yes” vote is crucial in supporting the continuation of the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 levy initiative this February, and here’s why.

Parks play a vital role in enhancing our overall quality of life and contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of our communities. Our park and recreation district brings families together, providing a space for community events and recreational activities right in the heart of our neighborhoods.

Consider this: You are urged to vote “yes” for a six-year renewal of the park and recreation district levy at the consistent rate of 10 cents per $1,000 on the assessed property tax valuation of your home. Remarkably, this renewal levy maintains the same tax rate since 2007. In 2017, a remarkable 71 percent of voters supported the renewal levy, emphasizing the positive impact our park and recreation district has had on the Blaine and Birch Bay community. Your tax dollars have been carefully and wisely spent for the past 16 years, resulting in significant benefits and partnerships that enrich our communities.

The Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2’s geographical boundaries align with the Blaine school district, ensuring that funds are reinvested locally. Run by dedicated volunteers, the park commissioners allocate finances directly to enhancing parks, playground facilities, trails, recreational programs and family-oriented activities and events.

Moreover, the district oversees the Bay Horizon Park Activity Center, offering a ton of activities for kids, families and seniors. Grants are provided, and partnerships are formed with various organizations, including Blaine schools afterschool programs, the Boys and Girls Club, Blaine Senior Center, Blaine Youth Sports, Birch Bay State Park kids’ day camps and beach explorations, chamber event and many others.

Your “yes” vote for the continuation of Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 is not just a vote for today; it’s an investment in the health and well-being of our families and communities, both now and in the future.

Doralee Booth

Birch Bay


The Editor:

In 2020, I incurred a physical and traumatic injury to my left shoulder. After surgery, my shoulder took two years to heal. After one year of physical therapy, I needed to find an additional way to strengthen my shoulder.

Fast forward two years, after trying several other gyms, I was chatting with a close friend, and she mentioned the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 fitness classes. I decided to try several of their classes and Zumba was the class for me.Fast forward to present day, my shoulder is strong, I have less pain and agony, more mobility, and I have met such wonderful and amazing people in my community.This is only one story of so many that have benefited from the many classes, events and offerings from Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2.

As the current co-chair of the upcoming levy renewal for the BBBPRD2 PAC, this has become a personal journey and I have an obligation to share and keep this wonderful organization’s doors open and thriving.The Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 levy renewal that is on the ballot is the only source of funding for our local district and now is the time to take action and vote “yes.”Thanks for your consideration and support.

Diane Major

BBBPRD2 PAC, co-chair



The Editor:

I want to thank our Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 voters and citizens for their past support to provide valuable park and recreation services in our community. With that support, our employees and many volunteers are hard at work offering new and exciting programs, classes and activities for all ages including pickleball, exercise, dance, children’s activities and many more.

The district has been able to support other organizations such as Blaine Youth Sports, the umbrella organization for soccer, baseball, softball and other youth programs, the 4th of July parade and Splash Days in the city of Blaine, the Kite Festival and sand castle building events at Birch Bay, and Wings Over Water to name a few. All of these offerings are community building and positive activities supporting children, adults, seniors, families, singles and couples. No other public entity provides the scope, depth and breath of activities as the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2.

We are looking forward to many new programs and activities in the coming years, including a kayak launch and new trails at a new park located on California Creek and trail links between Blaine and Birch Bay, but need your support for the same property tax levy that has been in place for the past six years. The levy is less than $5 per month for a $500,000 home – less than your favorite coffee drink. I encourage you to vote “yes” on February 13 to keep all the positive activities going.

Dave Wilbrecht

BBBPRD2 Board, vice chair



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