Letters to The Editor: January 4-10, 2024


The Editor:

I’d like to express my gratitude for the Birch Bay Activity Center. Residents of Blaine as well as non-residents are blessed to have so many activities to choose from. Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 offers indoor and outdoor pickleball, stretch and yoga classes, Zumba, get fit, Pilates, badminton, basketball and so much more.

The cost per class is minimal and for most seniors, free. Most health insurance companies will pay to keep their members healthy. Anytime Fitness used to accept insurance, but stopped, so it’s even more important for our community to have access to the Birch Bay Activity Center.

Barbara Farnsworth



The Editor:

Thanks for being a five-star local newspaper that keeps our Birch Bay/Blaine community informed of all the daily, weekly and monthly activities. It takes your staff, community and volunteers to make The Northern Light great.

Kathy and Ryan Barnes



The Editor:

Whatcom County can really be proud of itself with higher voter turnout than the rest of Washington’s counties and the re-election of Satpal Sidhu, according to The Seattle Times.

Serving during the – at one point – 320 cases-a-day of Covid-19 and managing closures, Suez Canal blockage and supply disruption, storms, and siloed information and disinformation. Apparently, we are a country of reason. Recovery is in progress, but nationally, it is hard to see because it is not instantaneous. Problems still exist.

Prepare for rising grocery prices as the Mississippi River is at its lowest level and Missouri farmers are having trouble shipping grain. The cost of beef and chicken feed, and therefore chicken, eggs, meat and bakery products will rise. So might restaurant and food truck prices. Now shipping through the Suez has slowed again due to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

Life, for many of us, does not look like it did before economic disruptions, but we will conquer problems because of resilience and understanding facts that support recovery.

Blame and finger pointing does not help unavoidable situations. We are all responsible for our reaction to difficulties. Let us keep working with positive light of truth and facts.

Donna Starr



The Editor:

There are heroes among us! From the child who presented us with $6.28 from his piggy bank to help children who are hungry, to our anonymous benefactor who, for many years has offered the matching funds challenge. From our loyal donors who will do without to commit $5 or $10 each month to help feed others, and the many individuals, businesses, faith organizations, social clubs, Blaine schools’ food and fund drives and corporate supporters who are dedicated and steadfast in supporting our effort to turn hunger to hope.

You all inspire us. You are truly our heroes.

The outcome of the matching funds campaign this year is to us a holiday miracle. We have faced a dramatic spike in demand fueled by unprecedented need due to benefit cutbacks and the rampant costs for food, fuel, and housing. Every one of us is struggling to do more with less.

Over 700 families depend on us and seek our help each week. On distribution days we watch the line get longer and longer, as our food offerings for the day diminish. We worry that the food will run out before everyone has been served.

You, our heroes, embodied the true spirit of the season and have given us a holiday miracle. Our $40,000 goal was not only met but surpassed beyond our wildest hopes. Our wonderful, caring, generous community of angels raised an unbelievable $57,226.28 during our 2023 matching funds campaign!

From our food bank family and the individuals and families that count on us, thank you! Our community has never let us down. We are truly blessed.

Sally Church

Blaine Food Bank director



The Editor:

Being a lifetime resident of Birch Bay, I am beyond thrilled that the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 offers programs for all ages in our community.

I personally have been using the activity center since the doors opened around 2010. I participate in multiple classes and play pickleball almost daily.

The benefits of exercise to keep fit – use it or lose it – are beneficial for the body, mind, and health.

With a wide variety of exercise classes, recreation activities for kids, families, adults as well as community support and scholarships where needed is a tremendous asset to our

The staff and instructors are amazing. Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 is the best bargain around.

Jan Boykin

Birch Bay


The Editor:

Little did I know that when I started to take exercise classes at Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 (BBBPRD2), it would become so much more than just a gym.

Not only are there fabulous exercise classes for all ages and abilities, BBBPRD2 also has after school programs for kids, free family movie nights, outdoor activities such as hiking, photography, pottery, and many others.

BBBPRD2 partners with other organizations bringing fun and educational activities, such as Pirate Daze, Holiday Lights Dash and Wings Over Water.

The common thread for all these activities is bringing the community together.

All of this and more and they still let you volunteer to help. That was the clincher for me.

Please support this vital part of the Blaine-Birch Bay community and vote yes to the levy renewal on February 13.

Linda Cline



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