Letters to The Editor: March 16-22, 2023


The Editor:

Wow, what a showing from our Whatcom County basketball teams at the state tournament in Yakima! 

First of all, being a lifelong Borderite, I have to say congratulations to Blaine for bringing home the third place trophy. I also want to give a huge shoutout to the Lynden High School pep band. When it was realized that the Blaine High School pep band would not be able to make it, Lynden stepped up big time. 

Not only did they rock the dome with their impressive pep music, but they cheered for Blaine, a fellow Whatcom County team. Even some of their student section, dressed in Borderite orange vests and wigs (most likely supplied by our amazing Blaine cheer squad), cheered and chanted for a good part of Blaine’s semifinal game Friday night. 

I think people often root against Lynden, I know I do, because they are just so good and win so often. I for one changed my tune during the tourney. From top to bottom, what I saw from Lynden was a class act. Go Borderites ...

Preston Bouma

Birch Bay

The Editor:

Birch Bay has always been known as a resort or retired area. Maybe families now moving in have felt frustrated at getting things done. They have tried to get their own post office and library and, so far, no luck. Maybe a school is an even larger fight. I wish them luck on it all.

Dorothy Bush 


The Editor:

Substitute House Bill 1240 should not become law in Washington. This bill will do nothing to promote public safety and only burdens the law-abiding gun owners in this state with undue hardship and limitations on exercising their constitutional rights (not a privilege). I want to repeat that. We have a right to keep and bear arms and this legislation would greatly limit underserved communities from doing so.

This bill especially limits communities of color and protected classes such as immigrants and LGBTQ community members from protecting themselves as they see fit. This bill will make the remaining firearm types available for purchase more expensive, and therefore, more out of reach for the low-income, hard-working folks who still want the ability to defend themselves.

This bill is the epitome of white privilege and is a continuation of the historically racist roots of gun control in the post-war south. Rich, wealthy people will continue to live in gated communities with paid security or have already purchased their “assault weapon” firearms, while younger, poorer communities will be greatly restricted by this bill.

This bill will fall on the wrong side of history, as it is a classic example of anti-civil rights legislation. I implore everyone to oppose this bill and protect our civil rights in Washington. Please stand for everyone’s rights and not just the wealthy, white, elitists in this state.

Thank you for your consideration. Please stop SHB 1240.

Kyle List

Birch Bay


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