Letters to The Editor: September 8-14, 2022


The Editor:

Thanks to Ray Leone for his letter to the editor about what so many have felt … the huge non-nautical style building at H and 3rd streets, I have nicknamed “The Monster.”

Dorothy Bush


The Editor:

Congratulations to representative Mary Peltola for her election in Alaska. Thank you Alaska for letting the public know about rank choice voting. While the state of Washington is looking at this new voting system for primary elections, Alaska stepped forward to demonstrate the many advantages to voters, patriotism and our democratic republic. 

This system allows a larger breadth of candidates, it allows for second or more choices that allow prioritizing candidates by what they have to offer, not based on advertised and promoted party or negative rhetoric. Another advantage is that each candidate can promote their positives rather than demean opponents. How refreshing to hear about a candidate’s identity, philosophy, standards, background and ideology instead of the noise of competition. 

Though it may sound complicated, computerization makes counting accurate and quickly responsive to the will of the voters. How refreshing – less party and private interest manipulation. 

The money saved promoting singular candidates rather than party power is a step toward electoral integrity, protection from dark money, foreign influence and larger candidate offerings. Powerful lobby and private manipulation could be limited. Please look into rank choice voting. It is a great idea for Washington state and primary elections across the country.  

Donna Starr



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